We are committed to creating normalcy in the lives of children fighting chronic illnesses by funding captivating events through the sales of our inspirational apparel.

We Support The Fighters, We Admire The Survivors, We Honor The Taken, And Never Ever Give Up HOPE.

We Care About Children With Pediatric Cancer

We strive to bring normality to the lives of children fighting pediatric cancer through our unique products.

And Creating Events That Continue To Make Them Better

We put on several events to try to bring awareness to our Heroes fighting pediatric cancer.

With A Team That Has Personal Experience

We have been touched in ways that give us an ability to relate to the children with pediatric cancer.

With Inspirational Blogs

We create blogs that help guide and inspire people to fight through all that life has to throw at them.

We Fight For Our Heroes

Students from the University of St. Thomas have designed backpacks and other apparel that serve to act as a literal representation of helping all people to keep Holding HOPE. For every item that you buy, another filled with HOPE will be given to a child at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The bags and other apparel will allow the children to carry and conceal their EKG’s, heart monitors, and belongings. Holding HOPE continues to come up with new ways to bring greater awareness to the subject of pediatric cancer. The organization also brings normality to the life of the children with pediatric cancer with monthly gifts that include Holding HOPE apparel, toys, and hand made cards. We, as a Holding HOPE Team, strive to fight for our heroes down at Mayo with the help of those in our community.

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